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Powerful Selfie in the World

Powerful Selfie in the World powerful-selfie-in-the-world

Raja Yoga Meditation

If you are frequently stressed, often tired, finding peace of mind or perhaps just looking for greater meaning and purpose in life, then you are probably ready for Raja Yoga Meditation.

Raja Yoga meditation is an open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Whether you want to learn how to relax, need to be more concentrated and creative or are searching for personal enlightenment, Raja Yoga Meditation can satisfy each of those needs.

The Brahma Kumaris teach Raja Yoga, a meditation practice combined with spiritual self-knowledge. The meditation course is not based on a regime of physical postures but rather an insight into the workings of the mind, intellect and subconscious and the ability to apply this knowledge in everyday situations.

How to Meditate

Meditating is easy but sometimes getting started needs a little explanation. Here is a simple five-step process to follow. Soon you’ll arrive at the quiet still place with just a single stride – a single thought – and you won’t even need to take five steps.

Step 1 : Relaxation

Relaxation is about letting go of tension and stress and bringing the mind and body into a state of calm and peace…

Step 2 : Concentration

Concentration allows me to use my time productively, once I have relaxed: I focus on the thoughts I choose to have…

Step 3 : Contemplation

Contemplation is reflecting deeply on myself, my inner world and my values…

Step 4 : Realisation

Realisation is when my understanding and feelings combine and I experience a more profound, more meaningful reality within…

Step 5 : Meditation

Meditation is focusing on a thought and remembering my eternal identity, and re-awakening a wonderful state of well-being…

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