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Every Step Towards Spirituality is Important-Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ) : “Every Step Towards Spirituality is Important!”

St. Petersburg Brahma Kumaris Centre hosts a friendly get-together for women leaders.

At the confluence of the old and new years, we meet together to bid farewell to everything old and celebrate a new beginning. It is a magical time of transformation when the impossible becomes possible. In order to cherish these special moments of transition, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in St. Petersburg hosted a traditional New Year get-together for women leaders, heads of businesses, politicians, educationists and social activists. The women who took part in this friendly celebration event represented about 50 organizations, members of St. Petersburg Women’s Alliance.

Welcoming the guests, Mrs. Elena Kalinina, chairperson of Women’s Alliance, rector of St. Petersburg State Social and Economic Institute, appreciated the contribution made by the Brahma Kumaris in spiritual empowerment of women in Russia. She reminded that the new year would mark the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory in World War II. Russia lost about 30 million lives in that devastating warfare. Mrs. Elena Kalinina said, “The best thing we have in the world are relationships. And the worst thing are relationships as well! Our world has become very fragile. The layer of civilization seems to be very thin and vulnerable. This is what makes every step towards developing spirituality so important. We should learn lessons from the past and make our future happier. This is the shared mission of the Brahma Kumaris and our Alliance”.

Mr. Matvey Lukin, director of “Accessible Environment” department under the government of St. Petersburg, extended hearty New Year greetings on behalf of Mr. Alexander Rzhanenkov, chairperson of St. Petersburg Committee for Social Policy.

Greeting the guests, BK Vijay Kumar said, “The world of harmony and peace that we aspire for can become a reality if we remember that all of us are children of the same Father, the Supreme”. And Mr. Rais Atnagulov, chairperson of the International Association of Charitable Foundations “Mama”, lauded mothers of the entire world for their selfless unconditional love and the attitude of giving.

BK Santosh, Brahma Kumaris Director in St. Petersburg, wished that all the women, mothers, sisters, could reach even greater heights in their life and work by removing the infection of worries. “Certain things that we worry about are under our control. We can influence and change them. Then why to worry? We just have to fix them. Another kind of worry has to do with things that we cannot change. Again, why to worry, since it cannot be changed anyway? Both types of worry are useless. So let us celebrate the new year by attaining this great victory over waste and negative thinking in our life. Then we can contribute even more to making this country and the entire world happy.इण्टरनेशनल ग्लोरी अवार्ड 2019 ओमशांति मीडिया को

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